PERse offers property, casualty and tax coverages for wind, solar, geo, bio, and hydro projects as well as other forms of renewable energy power facilities. We develop solutions for the complex and unconventional risks energy providers encounter every day.

Coverage is provided for all phases of the project exposure. We underwrite to avoid gaps in coverage by offering tailored, highly-flexible insurance solutions for the entire life cycle of an energy project in one single policy. All policy forms are manuscript to meet the specific insurance requirements of project lenders, as well as contractually obligated coverages for power production facilities.

The PERse Property policy offers all risk, replacement cost insurance for new and existing projects over all classes of renewable energy, including but not limited to wind, solar, geothermal, bio and hydro. Coverage is provided for all phases of the project exposure cycle including:

  • Development
  • Ocean Marine Transit
  • Delay in Start-up
  • Contingent Delay in Start-up
  • Construction All Risk
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Phased Handovers
  • Operating All-Risk
  • Business and Contingent Business Interruption
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown
  • Critical Catastrophe Coverage


In excess of $1 Billion per project

PERse capacity is predicated on Probable Maximum Loss (PML) valuation, which allows for significant limits, contingent on modeling results.

PERse offers a wide range of both physical damage and loss of revenue deductibles. Starting at $5,000 per occurrence for property losses, deductibles are available up to $1,000,000 per occurrence. Time element waiting periods (deductibles) can range from 5 to 60 days. Most project owners select deductibles from an intermediate range as these offer a beneficial combination of value and price.

PERse also provides catastrophic coverage of projects located in high risk zones for windstorm, flood, and earthquake. Our team has extensive experience in the complexity of CAT coverage worldwide.

As part of this process, we frequently provide estimated insurance costs for specific projects to assist clients in finding the appropriate deductibles to meet budget and insurance requirements. PERse does this at no cost to the client.

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PERse offers Commercial General Liability coverage for development, construction, and operating phases of wind, solar, geothermal, bio, hydro and other renewable energy projects.

Coverage begins with the development phase where we provide liability coverage for a developer’s meteorological data collection equipment. As a project moves forward, we endorse the policy for the Construction exposures and transition into one policy, covering full commercial operations as the project schedule dictates.

PERse’s insurers are highly rated global facilities with extensive experience in providing coverage to all classes of renewable energy power production facilities, including wind, solar, geothermal, bio, hydro and more. PERse’s in-depth assessment of risks allows us to tailor coverage to the specific needs of our clients in all casualty lines, including primary General Liability, Auto Liability, Excess and Umbrella.


  • Up to $25 Million in capacity
  • Excess limits can be used on a 100% layer or on a quota-share basis
  • Ability to write primary layers as well as lead umbrella and excess placements
  • Ability to write on admitted or non-admitted basis
  • Occurrence and claims-made forms

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PERse offers Cargo/Stockthroughput coverage in a customizable program to fit our clients’ needs. Our Cargo/Stockthroughput can be integrated with your property coverage or offered as a standalone product.

We provide cover for manufacturers and suppliers while cargo is in transit and/or in storage as stock/inventory.

Coverage begins when materials are initially purchased and remains in effect during all stages of transit to the project site. A bundled policy can also include incidental storage until final delivery.


  • Up to $150 Million per Conveyance
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Critical Catastrophe Coverage
  • Integrated with Property Coverage
  • Project Cargo (including delay in start-up)

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